about dana

About Pink Champagne Problems

What started out as a college hobby in 2012, Pink Champagne Problems has become a place where I share a bit of my life through the clothes I wear.

Fashion has been a huge part of my life since I was younger. I always knew I wanted to go into the fashion industry, and I finally had the opportunity to do so. As a Merchandiser for Perry Ellis, I oversee many daily functions that begin with design development and end with production.

Although I absolutely love the career path I’ve chosen, I love that I always have Pink Champagne Problems to create these looks for you. I love creating content, working with brands I’m a huge fan of,  meeting amazing influencers and last (but not least), being able to connect with you!

Thank you for your continuous support of Pink Champagne Problems! It means so much to me!

Five fun facts about me?
1. I’ve had an insane crush on Justin Timberlake since I was 7. Swoon.
2. One of my favorite movies is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Weird, I know.
3. I used to be the biggest book worm ever, now I can barely finish a book.
4. I eat Chipotle like it’s my (third) job. And I get the same thing. Every time.
5. Some of my only pets were lizards because my parents didn’t want pets.

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